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For some people, dieting can be a lot more of a challenge than they have the ability to deal with. These individuals may have issues of obesity and require a little more help than a daily walk around the block, or a membership to the local gym. Unfortunately, being overweight generally comes with its own set of problems, the kind that can affect the health of that person. It may be necessary to think about appetite suppressors like Adipex to assist the patient to reach a healthy weight. This is not a supplement that can be purchased over the counter and there must be a medical need for it.

Best Practice

It is important to understand that this is not a long term supplement, in fact, once the desired goal has been achieved the user will need to discontinue taking it. It is significant to follow the orders provided by the doctor before taking Adipex, especially as it pertains to the dosage. Never exceed the dosage amount, and if you miss a dose, avoid doubling up on the next one. It is up to the user whether they want to take the medication with or without food as either option is acceptable.


Patients who suffer with medical issues such as hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes or problems with cholesterol will benefit from this medication, especially if they are considered as obese. One of the reasons why doctors continue to prescribe Adipex is because it has an excellent success rate and almost always works after a few weeks of use. Users will see a dramatic decrease in their desire to snack and break from their diet. The drug has also shown its ability to work in favor of increasing energy levels in the user, which is an added benefit in any weight-loss program.

Things To Consider

Users should advise their primary-care physician of allergies they have to stimulants, decongestants or sympathomimetic amines. Doctors should also be informed of any medications or over the counter treatments that the patient is benefiting from to avoid the possibility of a negative reaction. There are a few side effects to be expected when using Adipex, which may not affect everyone.

→ Trouble breathing or shortness of breath.

→ Swollen ankles.

→ Roller coaster emotions, both happy and sad.

→ Trouble sleeping, maybe even insomnia.

→ Lightheaded or periods of dizziness.

If any of these symptoms occur, or they are unbearable, the user should contact their primary-care physician immediately.



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